TALEX Performance

Specialized lenses and frames handcrafted in Japan

TALEX Performance

Our performance-enhancing sunglasses feature high-precision polarized lenses from TALEX, the light science experts and Japan’s leading lens maker.
No dazzle, no glimmer, no glare — just bright, crisp contrast, true natural color, and an amazing wearing experience with powerful UV protection.

Enhanced Performance

TALEX lenses are specifically engineered to eliminate distractions, increase focus, and enhance performance.

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The best pair of polarized eyewear you will ever own.

That’s a promise!



TALEX performance-enhancing driving sunglasses are specifically designed for comfort, relaxation, and increased safety. They reduce fatigue and increase concentration while providing clear visibility and crisp contrast.



To create TALEX's fishing eyewear, we listened carefully to what professional anglers had to say. Designed to reduce glare on sunny days, and eliminate distracting water-surface dazzle, we created lenses that perform well even in ever-changing light conditions.

Once you try TALEX, you’ll never settle for anything less.

Our lenses make the difference!

Passion for Perfection

TALEX is the No. 1 polarized lens maker in Japan — and for good reason!

About Our Brand
TALEX Lenses

Handcrafted in Japan

The craftspeople and scientists at TALEX combine technology and modern materials with the quality, care, and perfection of thousands of years of traditional Japanese artisanship. The result is a superior polarized lens, that allows you to see more clearly, while eliminating strain and stress to better protect your eyes.

TALEX Lenses

Light noise reducing technology

Created by experts in light science, TALEX hand-crafted lenses feature a unique light noise reducing technology. Ultra-thin iodine-dyed filters and high-optical performance lenses allow you to enjoy true natural colors, and a bright, clear view with no annoying glare.

Amazing Wearing Experience

Seeing the world through world-famous TALEX high-precision polarized lenses for the first time is a truly amazing experience. One you will never forget. You’ll instantly see the difference.

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You’ll instantly see the difference.

Why settle for anything less?

Powerful UV Protection

Eye health is at the core of TALEX's philosophy. All TALEX lenses are rated UV400, which means that they block more than 99% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation.

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TALEX Convert


Seeing the world through TALEX high-precision polarized lenses for the first time is a truly amazing experience.

One you will never forget.

Made in Japan

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