Family owned
and operated

Since 1938

85 Years of Experience

TALEX is Japan's leading polarized lens maker. Our eyewer provides relaxing comfort and a superior visual experience.
The TALEX Performance line of sunglasses is the ultimate polarized eyewear for those who enjoy an active outdoors lifestyle. This premier release to the overseas market focuses on fishing and driving, with many more activities to follow.

TALEX Performance

TALEX Performance sunglasses take it to the next level. Our high-precision sunglasses are specially designed to enhance your favorite outdoor activities while providing an exceptional visual experience. They are the ultimate polarized sunglasses for those who enjoy fishing, driving, or other activities.

Japan’s No.1 polarized lens maker

Welcome to the bright, crisp, and exceptionally clear world of TALEX lenses and performance eyewear. We are excited to share our passion for perfection, our focus on quality and comfort, and our never-ending quest for excellence through craftsmanship and continuous innovation.

Passion for perfection

To develop specialized performance lenses, TALEX took a listen, learn, and deliver approach. We listened carefully to experts in each activity and learned what they were seeking in ideal eyewear. Then we developed performance-enhancing high-precision lenses to deliver the optimal sunglasses  for each activity.

Quality. Precision. Comfort. Innovation.


TALEX lenses are renowned for their ability to eliminate eye irritation and discomfort caused by the sun's glare. Our polarizing lenses are brighter and clearer, and provide far more comfort than with other sunglasses. It's an unforgettable visual experience.


TALEX lenses use a delicate ultra-thin 0.03 mm polarizing filter that is fitted between the lenses. These filters require a highly specialized manufacturing technique. Our high-precision craftsmanship ensures that our lenses' optical performance, polarization, and color consistency are all excellent.


Comfort is a key element of the TALEX wearing experience. Our craftspeople pay attention to every detail. Ultra-light weight, optimal weight balance, comfortable nose pads, and natural face-fitting dimensions are specifically designed to prevent eye fatigue no matter how long our sunglasses are worn.


Excellence is a journey, not a destination. Over the decades, we have developed many patented manufacturing processes, including technology to stabilize the delicate iodine used in our lenses, full-surface equalization for optical performance optimization, and industry-leading thermosetting technology. And the journey continues.

TALEX celebrates 85 years of innovation 

To ensure that we continue to make the best polarized sunglasses in the world, we have had to continually innovate. The result has been permanent improvement in areas such as the elimination of optical aberration, improving color consistency, creating greater polarization, ensuring a brighter and clearer experience, and increasing UV protection.

Each lens color has its own purpose

Based in Japan, a country with four distinctly beautiful seasons, TALEX is focussed on creating lens colors that perfectly balance color, brightness, and contrast.

Lens color affects the degree to which colors appear as they really are. The level of brightness affects how bright and vivid these colors appear. Finally, the contrast level affects how colors appear sharp and three-dimensional. Each lens color is specifically engineered to achieve different balances of these three factors.

TALEX History

A journey down memory lane

TALEX was founded in 1938 in Tajima, the birthplace of eyeglass lenses by Minoru Tamura, a master craftsman who had spent three decades perfecting the craft of eye glass lens making. Minoru created his company to do something no other manufacturer in Tajima was doing at the time: high-capacity production of colored lenses.

Back then, lenses were made by polishing glass. But Minoru, a man of ideas, succeeded in mass production by pressing and curving glass into the shape he needed. Minoru’s lenses were a technical and commercial success, both at home and abroad.

In time, Minoru passed the thriving glass lens business to his son, Kan'ichi Tamura. Kan'ichi faced his own challenges, brought on by the dramatic changes in the lens-making industry. Especially the transition from glass lenses to plastic lenses. Many factories were forced into bankruptcy.

But Kan'ichi, had inherited Minoru’s deep curiosity, and innovative entrepreneurship. He steered the company into the new world of high-precision polarized sunglass lenses. Today, with Kan'ichi's son (and Minoru's grandson) leading the business, the drive to develop the next generation of the highest-quality polarized lenses continues.

 “My grandfather, Minoru Tamura founded TALEX in 1938. He passed his philosophy to my father, who in turn passed it to me. We must never forget that the mission of TALEX is to protect the eyes of our customers. That is why our company’s core values are Quality, Precision, Comfort, and Innovation."

–Hiroo Tamura, CEO of TALEX

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