I came, I saw,
and I caught it!

TALEX glare-reduction sunglasses

Sunglasses for high
performance fishing

To create our TALEX fishing sunglasses, we listened carefully to what anglers had to say. We learned that they seek reduced glare on sunny days, elimination of distracting water-surface dazzle, and lenses that perform well even in ever-changing light conditions. But most important, they want to see what's going on under the water’s surface.

Semi-goggle design

Can be worn alone or over prescription glasses

Up your fishing game

See beneath the water’s shimmering surface

TALEX Adapt performance-enhancing sunglasses give you a bright, clear, and crisp view even in changing light conditions. They reduce glare even on the brightest days, and eliminate flicker reflections.


Enhanced fishing performance

Semi-goggle design

A marriage of UV light yet robust comfortable frames and high-precision specialized lenses featuring light-noise reducing technology. These performance-enhancing polarized sunglasses have a sporty semi-goggle design that can be worn alone or over prescription which covers the sides of the glasses, are highly light-shielding.

See beneath the surface

When you go fishing on a bright sunny day, the shimmer and dazzling glares on the surface of the water can be annoying and distracting. If those distractions can be eliminated, and you have the ability to see beneath the water's surface, it can mean the difference between a good fishing day and a great one.

Bright, crisp, clear view.
Ultra light for all-day comfort.
99%+ UV protection.

Three fishing-performance lens options

Performance-enhancing lenses

TALEX Adapt features our high-precision lenses with specialized filters engineered to achieve an ideal performance-enhancing balance of three distinct properties: Natural Color, Contrast, and Brightness. Every fishing environment needs a different balance of these properties. TALEX Adapt helps you be prepared, so you can relax and enjoy a day on the water.

Natural Color Lenses

Color balanced for enhanced natural color

Enjoy the colors of the rainbow

The enjoyment of fishing often has as much to do with the natural surroundings as the action underwater. Our specialized sunglasses allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. With natural vision and light and comfortable frames, you can easily forget that you are wearing them — except that you can easily see what's going on beneath the water.



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Uniquely designed TALEX Adapt can be worn as is, or over prescription eyeglasses.

The semi-goggle design covers the sides of the glasses and provides excellent light shielding. It also prevents wind from catching under the glasses. Both the lens color, and the ultra-light weight frames, ensure extra comfort, even when worn for long periods of time.

Although the darkest of all TALEX lenses, with Slate, the effect is still bright, crisp and clear. Ideal for days of strong dazzling sunlight and flickering reflections on the surface of the water. The natural hues presented allow easy judgement of what's happening under the water, while you relax and enjoy a long day of successful fishing.

All TALEX sunglasses are shipped with a premium protective case and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Available in

Contrast Lenses

Color balanced for enhanced contrast

Improve your casting accuracy

Regardless of water clarity or depth, TALEX specialized lenses enhance the outlines of otherwise undetectable underwater features. These include the textures in lakebeds and riverbeds and edges and breaks in weedy areas. TALEX Adapt even allows you to see subtle changes in shady water.

Brightness Lenses

Color balanced for enhanced brightness

See everything, even in changing conditions

Light conditions, like the weather can change in an instant. And on sunny days with a few clouds here and there, the light is constantly changing. TALEX Adapt sunglasses are ideal when fishing on these days or in the lower light of early morning or in the evening so you can see what's going on beneath the surface, all day long.

TALEX Lenses

Unique Visual Balance

TALEX lenses combine three visual properties: natural color, contrast, and brightness. Every lens features a unique visual balance to deliver perfect performance-enhancing sunglasses.

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