The best polarized
lenses in the world

Polarized lenses by TALEX

Handcrafted in Japan

The craftspeople and scientists at TALEX combine technology and modern materials with the quality, care, and perfection of thousands of years of traditional Japanese artisanship. The result is a superior polarized lens, that allows you to see more clearly  while eliminating strain and stress to better protects your eyes. 


Over 99% UV protection

All TALEX lenses are rated UV400, which means that they block more than 99% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation. The most penetrating UV radiation (UVA) has a wavelength of 400 nm. Many lenses with UV protection block up to 380 nm, which may seem like a lot but is not enough. UV400 lenses blocks more than 99% protection from UV rays.


Proprietary technology

Polarized lenses are built with a filter that blocks horizontal light so you don’t see the harsh reflections of your environment like on road surfaces or water. TALEX uses proprietary filters made from iodine compounds that block out more harmful and intrusive light than traditional polarized lenses. They are among the highest-performing polarized lenses on earth.


Purpose built

TALEX lenses combine three visual properties: Natural Color, Contrast, and Brightness. Natural color allows you to see the world as it really is, without discoloration or darkening. Contrast enhances sharpness to improve three-dimensional vision. And Brightness makes the world appear brighter and more vivid.

How does polarization work?

We call it Light Purification

Purifiers remove harmful toxins. Air purifiers remove dust and pollen from the air so you can breathe better. Water purifiers remove chlorine and pollutants so that the water you drink is cleaner.

The TALEX Light Purifying Filter removes UV rays, glare, and other harmful light so you can see better. Our Light Purifying Filter also helps keep your eyes strong and healthy by removing the typical fatique and tiredness that can come from wearing sunglasses for an extended period of time.

Over Eight Decades of Experience

For more than 85 years, TALEX has blended traditional craftsmanship with superior technology, continuously improving and constantly innovating — all with a strict focus on providing users with an unforgettable visual experience and the best pair of polarized eyewear they will ever own.

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Ultralight and durable

TALEX Performance frames are ultralight, extremely comfortable, and specifically designed for TALEX polarized lenses. Made of flexible nylon, our double-shot injection-molded frames ensure that the lenses won’t distort over time.


Made from premium nylon

Unlike many plastic and acetate frames, nylon frames are extremely light and durable, show no signs of aging, and do not deform over time. Our nylon frames will not experience the typical surface degradation (whitening) that occurs on acetate frames due to material aging, sweat, and plasticizers.


The Story Behind the Shades

Learn more about the 85 year history of Shinzo Tamura's family
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