These are a real game changer

Feedback from TALEX users

I feel more secure driving

Feedback from TALEX users

Perfect for drivers with prescription glasses

Feedback from TALEX users

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Male User, 48

Stress free driving!

"My job as a sales representative requires me to drive long distances on a daily basis. In the past few years, I noticed that glare was an increasing problem for me, making driving far more uncomfortable, and even adversely affecting my sleep. TALEX Convert have made a world of difference. I wish I had found them sooner."

Male User, 54

I never fish without ’em!

"Bass fishing has been my hobby for going on 20 years now. In the beginning, to be frank, I wore sunglasses because they looked cool. But I soon realized that eye strain was becoming an issue and ruining my fishing day. TALEX Adapt set me right. They are extremely easy on my eyes and a real game changer. Now if I leave the house without them, I go back to get them. They have made me a better fisherman."

Female User, 42

I have poor eyesight.

“Unfortunately, I have poor eyesight. Actually, I have to increase the strength of my eyeglasses more often these days, and until I found TALEX React, I had to change my prescription sunglasses at the same time. I like TALEX React because they simply clip on to my new glasses, no matter the design. It's really convenient.”

Male User, 38

I love my TALEX React!

“A while ago I finally was able to buy my dream sports car, and, boy, I love to drive it every day. But I started to get tired eyes while driving and headaches the following day. TALEX React changed that. The difference really surprised me. No more eye strain, no more headaches. Driving is so much more comfortable now.”

Male User, 64

What an awesome sensation!

“Fishing deep in the mountains with my son is my greatest happiness. The days are long, peaceful, and wonderful. My TALEX Adapt play an important part. Soft on the eyes, bright, and I can see what we are trying to catch under the surface. I'm always calm and relaxed and enjoying the colors of nature.”

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