No dazzle, no glimmer

TALEX fatigue-reducing sunglasses


Eye fatigue can be a problem, especially on long drives where windshield reflections, surface glare, and UV rays can all affect safety.

TALEX performance-enhancing driving lenses are specifically designed for comfort, relaxation, and increased safety. They reduce eye fatigue and increase concentration while providing clear visibility and crisp contrast.

Dual-mode sunglasses

The best of both worlds at your fingertips

See clearly, drive safely

Glare and reflections can be distracting and dangerous

TALEX React and TALEX Convert dual-mode sunglasses allow you to flip in and out of sunglasses as easily as you would switch from high to low beams.


Enhanced driving performance

Dual-mode convenience

Not all drives are long journeys. Many are short trips when you need to get out of your car to run into a building or a store. Setting your sunglasses on top of your head works but may damage the frames. TALEX React offers the perfect solution: simply flip your performance-enhancing lenses down when you need sunglasses and up when you don't.

TALEX Convert

Enhanced driving performance

Perfect for those no contact lens days

Many optometrists recommend that contact lens wearers, especially those with sensitive or dry eyes, go without contacts one or two days per week. On those days, clip TALEX Convert on to your eyeglasses for all the benefits of our fatigue-reducing technology.

Strong sunlight?
Road surface reflection?
Windshield glare?

TALEX makes driving a safer, more relaxed and enjoyable experience — every time

Your eyes are worth it

TALEX lenses are engineered to completely block out the harmful light that can damage your eyes, without diminishing or darkening what you see. With TALEX polarized lenses, you can see the world around you more clearly and enjoy a smoother, more relaxed and safer driving experience.

Photochromic lens effect without the delay

Photochromic lenses darken in sunlight and return to translucent indoors. Darkening the lenses reduces the intensity of light to your eyes, but it also restricts what you can see. The photochromic effect also takes time to fade in and out, which can be distracting and annoying. For instant darkening or brightness flip down your lenses when you need them, and up when you don't.

TALEX Lens Guide

Unique Visual Balance

The TALEX lens range is built on three visual qualities. A specific polarized lens may have just one of these qualities, a unique combination of two, or all three. That's why them among the highest-performing polarized lenses on earth.

Lens Guide