Made in Japan

The manufacture of high-quality polarized lenses involves many processes that require incredible precision. To achieve optical perfection, TALEX developed its own machines to reach an optimal balance of traditional craftsmanship and ultra-advanced technology that delivers the best performance-enhancing lenses in the world.

The world’s top lens maker

TALEX is Japan’s number one manufacturer of high-precision polarized lenses. Excellence is a journey, not a destination. It is never ending quest for excellence through craftsmanship and continuous innovation. 

Glare reduction technology

TALEX handcrafted lenses feature a unique glare-reducing technology so you can enjoy true natural colors and, a bright, clear view without any annoying glare.

Over 99% UV protection

All TALEX lenses are rated UV400, which means that they block more than 99% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation. The most penetrating UV light has a wave length of 400nm. Many lenses with UV protection  block up to 380 nm  of UV radiation, which may seem like a lot but actually is not enough. UV400 lenses blocks up to 400nm, providing more than 99% protection from UV rays.

Our sunglasses

Browsing our sunglasses you may find it helpful to understand the naming system.

Performance enhancing polarized sunglasses with a sporty semi-goggle design that can be worn alone or over prescription glasses.

Performance enhancing polarized sunglasses specifically designed for dual-mode use, and increased driving safety.

Performance enhancing polarized clip-ons specifically designed to enhance your driving experience and increase driving safety.



Crafted for glare-free comfort and performance


Crafted for glare-free comfort and performance